Unity in the City Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2015

Those in Attendance: Carole Cornelison, Colette Phillips, Karen Ramirez, Chrystal Komegay, Jennifer Fortunato

Meeting opened with a prayer by Jennifer

1. Jennifer appointed Recorder Secretary

2. Monthly Board Meetings approved for the 4th Sunday of the month with the exception of December, which will be held on the 2nd Sunday, December 13, 2015

3. Financial Report
a. Review of current finances and tithing from January and February 2015
b. Projecting a budget be discussed on March 22nd
c. Further discussion on out tithing be discussed on March 22nd

4. Media
a. It was agreed that a point person would be hired to help Board with a comprehensive communications plan, which will include work on the UTIC website and audio and video for the UTIC website. Further investigation including a scope of services for the website needs to be done. Jennifer will discuss with Bob and report back.
b. Colette will report on ways of promoting membership via media included: Facebook, on-line advertising, T ads.

5. Sunday Experience
a. Future Guest Speakers: Rev. Shaun Moninger and the Oneness Blessing
b. It was agreed that Jennifer Fortunato will do a both written and electronic survey of congregation to determine interest in proposed workshops:
• Healthy eating and spirit with Maureen Whitehouse
• Healthy eating and spirit with Maureen Curran
• Metaphysics and the Bible with Rev. Ed
• Meditation and Reiki I Attunement with Jennifer Fortunato
• Unity Basics with Rev. Pam
c. UITC Concert. It was agreed to set a budget and use only local performers. Call to organize a volunteer committee will be announced to congregation
d. Community Meeting set for April 12th, 2015 after service
e. Further discussion on UITC Retreat in July to possibly be held at the Brook House

6. Topics Held for Next Meeting
a. Volunteer Recruitment
Meeting closed at 3pm


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Sunday Service - 11:00 AM
Hands On Healing - 10:00 AM
Guided Meditation - 10:30 AM
Food & Fellowship - 1:00 PM


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