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Rev. Ed Townley
Sunday, October 15, 2017, 11:00am - 01:00pm
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For 2017

THE MYSTICAL BIBLE: The Hero’s Journey of Your Lifetime
With Rev. Ed Townley, offered at Unity in the City in Brookline, MA
A twelve-month, 24-part exploration of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation

Rev. Ed Townley has been sharing his Bible enthusiasm—in talks, workshops, articles and books—for over 25 years. He feels strongly that it’s more important than ever to appreciate its importance, not merely as a history of days long past, nor as an absolute spiritual authority to be obeyed without question. The Bible, he says, is an intimate mystical guide to our journey as Beings of Spirit through the joys and challenges of this human experience. Rev. Ed will be offering a yearlong appreciation through 24 talks—two each month—recorded from Sunday services at Unity in the City, a New Thought spiritual center in Brookline, MA. In those talks he will move through the books of the Bible in sequence, with an emphasis on the ways in which the flow through and between them can be helpful on our own journeys. Those talks will be made available as the series unfolds, on YouTube and at www.unityinthecity.org.
Rev. Ed Townley is the author of two books exploring specific parts of the New Testament: the Sermon on the Mount (Meditations on the Mount) and the Revelation to John (Kingdom Come). For seven years he was the host of Bible Alive, a weekly program on unityfm web radio, and he has been answering Bible questions submitted to www.unity.org for even longer. His approach, he says, involves “both head and heart: the metaphysical and the mystical” to encourage every individual to embrace the Bible as a personal guide to life—expressing as both personal challenges and collective consciousness. “You are the final authority on your own spiritual path,” he adds. “No one else—certainly not me!—can tell you just how the Bible might serve you. My hope with this series is that I might serve as a sort of tour guide, offering some background and insights to make the Bible a comfortable, deeply personal experience.” 
Rev. Ed will deliver his talks on The Mystical Bible on the first and third Sundays of each month, starting January 22, and they will be posted online no later than the following Tuesday. There will be no charge; donations to Rev. Ed or to Unity in the City will, of course, be welcome.

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