Rev. Carlos Anderson, This Sunday at Unity in the City

Unity in the City E-Newsletter 15 October 2018
Hello Visitor,

Join us for our Celebration Service this Sunday at:
Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
1581 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02446

Hands-On Healing: 10:00am 
Group Meditation: 10:30am
Celebration Service: 11:00am
Fellowship following the service, all are welcome.

Rev. Carlos Anderson This Sunday

is a part of the Unity in the City ministerial team; He is an inspirational, transformational speaker. He is a gifted recording artist, composer and author who has traveled the United States and much of the world ministering through music and the spoken word. He has worked along-side some of the world's most inspiring spiritual teachers including Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Della Reese, Alan Cohen andRev. Johnnie Coleman. An ordained minister for more than 30 years, Rev. Anderson currently serves as Associate Minister of Unity of New York, and was pastor of New Hope Community Church in Amherst, Massachusetts. As Founder and President of New Genesis Foundation, Inc. and Life School Ministry, he is a practitioner of the teachings of Unity, Science of Mind, and A Course In Miracles. He brings a keen command of spiritual principles and considers himself an ongoing student of world religions, having studied the traditions of Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, as well as many other spiritual paths.

Going Deeper

Friday, 02 November 2018 05:00pm - Sunday, 04 November 2018 02:00pm

Going Deeper

Remembering Our True Selves within the fabric of our lives.

NOVEMBER 2-4, 2018

Friday 5 PM to Sunday 2 PM

La Salette Retreat Center

947 Park Street, Attleboro, MA

Cost per person including room and meals:

$295 before Sept 7, $325 after Sept 7

Commuter cost: $195

Our deeply loving community has been coming together for 15 years to explore and share the living experience of A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery and A Course of Love. Come join us in November to continue experiencing the miracles of spiritual growth.

In this weekend retreat we will practice Going Deeper into awareness of our true spiritual identity. Through experiential and meditation exercises, we will allow our own lives to show us what is calling for healing. Join us in a safe and loving environment, and share our heartfelt journey of transformation. This experience frees our True Selves, the Child of God, the Christ or god within, to be revealed.

Come and celebrate life and spirituality with us!

With love and gratitude, we offer this event.

Laura Derr, Debi Lawson, Janet and Richard Plumb, Marney Stoumbelis

Registration Form

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Reiki Sessions with Evelyn Williams Moore

Sunday, 04 November 2018 01:30pm - 02:30pm

EvelynUnity member, Evelyn Williams Moore is offering Reiki services for members on a first-come, first-served basis after Services the 1st Sunday of every month.

Moore has practiced Reiki since 1999 and in 2012 became a Reiki Master-Teacher. She is honored to be able to offer Reiki to the Unity in the City Community on the first Sunday of each month in the teachers lounge. A love offering is requested.

Reiki (Ray-Key), an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art, helps you to reduce stress, feel better and heal better.

You can use Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing and personal growth. Reiki stimulates your body's innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness. Please feel free to read more about Reiki in the handouts located on the front table at Unity in the City

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Weekly Message

Rev. Ed's Reflections

Dear Friends,
We used to believe that our lives become fuller and richer as we focus on areas of lack and concentrate on bringing more abundance to those areas. We might pray to God in the distance or call forth a power from within ourselves; in either case, we were trying to bring a spiritual force to bear, to fill the perceived lack. I’m sure all of us have had some degree of success with this approach. Prayer works, and simply being willing to call on a higher power - within ourselves or beyond the universe - cannot fail to produce results. But the work was intense, and the results often didn’t feel spiritually satisfying.

Slowly we have come to a new understanding of creative process – new to us, that is. It’s an understanding that Jesus tried to communicate two centuries ago.

It’s a simple but profound reversal of what we thought we knew. Our lives become fuller and richer not by focusing on what’s missing, but by appreciating the fullness and richness that are already expressing. That energy of appreciation seems to magnetize all the good in our lives, and even more good is drawn to us as a result.

Today I pause to deeply appreciate the good in my life - my home, my friends, my work, my interests and opportunities. I know that the good continues to expand, as I am open to receive it, and I am grateful that draws it to me.

Rev. Ed

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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) On-line lessons

Course Online:
Email Laurie Prezbindowski ( for details about following the Course on-line.  The Course is channelled material with the Source being Jesus.  In the Course, Jesus, our brother gives us daily lessons to correct our false beliefs about ourselves & others & guides us back Home to God, our Father awakening us to the Truth of who we really are.   

Laurie’s Daily reflections on ACIM​

Choir Practice - 9:30am Sunday mornings

Love to sing? Unity in the City's Music Team invites you to join our ministry! 

All are welcome to join the Spirit House Singers on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the auditorium for choir practice.  You don't need to be an American Idol contender, just come and lend your voice.  We are happy to have you!

"Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul." Johann Sebastian Bach


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Unity in the City - Board of Trustees

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Board Pledge:
Recognizing God as our one Infinite Source and Power, we - the servant leaders of Unity in the City - are anchored in the spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, tithing and visioning.  
Thank you God, for choosing us and using us and for this opportunity to love and to serve!
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