Unity In The City

Unity in the City is an inclusive, welcoming, trans-denominational community that serves those seeking a non-traditional, spiritual experience. If you describe yourself as “spiritual, but not religious” or are one of the many who question his/her childhood faith, Unity in the City will feel like a homecoming to you. You may be one of the millions of people who have embarked on his/her own spiritual path. If so, you have just discovered a whole community of like-minded people called Unity. Unity is a spiritual movement that honors all paths to God; sees God as good and everywhere present; and affirms the spark of Divinity in all of us. Unity also offers a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity, regarding Jesus as the great example, rather than the great exception. Unity interprets the Bible metaphysically rather than literally. Have you ever imagined that the Bible could be the story of your own life? It is just one of the tools available for powerful, personal transformation.

Our members come from a variety of religious backgrounds including Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu and Spiritualist. We offer practical teaching, great contemporary music, a welcoming family ministry and opportunities for connection and learning. We are here to celebrate our oneness with our inner Divinity/God, and to equip people to thrive in a life full of spiritual power, purpose and endless possibilities.

Unity in the City Worship Services take place every Sunday at 11:00am on Zoom. You can find the Zoom link each Sunday morning by going to the Newsletters page on this website.

On the first Sunday of each month, we meet in person. (In July 2024, we'll meet in person on the thrid Sunday, not the first.) In-person services are accessible by Public Transportation on the Green Line C-Train, and are in close walking distance from the Washington Square Station Stop. (See map). On Sundays there is plenty of FREE meter parking right across the street.

Unity in the City is a member ministry of the Unity Worldwide Ministries. We are affiliated with Unity Institute, Unity Village and Silent Unity, publisher of the Daily Word Magazine. Unity is known as “the Pioneers of New Thought and Positive Thinking.”