Unity is a spiritual movement founded in the late 19th century by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. While its primary focus is on the guidance and teachings found in Judaeo-Christian scripture—especially the teachings of Jesus Christ—Unity also recognizes and appreciates that spiritual Truth can be expressed and experienced on many different spiritual paths, and from many inspired teachers. Our emphasis is always on the universal principles of Truth we hold in common, rather than on stories and traditions that put us in conflict.
Unity teaches that each individual is a complete and perfect being of Spirit, come into human form to experience the illusion of duality and make the choices necessary to bring a new dimension of creative consciousness into expression. We have forgotten this spiritual Truth, lost in the distractions of sensory input and shared fears. Once we have ‘remembered,’ our lives offer joyful and loving opportunities to create the new consciousness, choice by choice.
Within this framework we join together in spiritual communities throughout the world, sharing the exciting challenges and rewards of living lives that are awake to spiritual Truth. Centered at Unity Village, MO, we share spiritual Light through publications, broadcasts, and through the prayer ministry of Silent Unity. We are equally committed to working in the world to dissolve the often painful consequences of fear-based choices and beliefs.
More than a church or organized belief system, Unity is a way of living centered in Truth and offering rich rewards of spiritual growth and loving fellowship.