It is time
more than ever
for knowing
that whatever our differences
There is only one creation
One human community
made of millions of communities
We need Unity.

In this time
when Jews are shot down
in synagogue/shul
Let's remove the wool
from our eyes
and be wise to what is coming down
It makes me wanna frown

When Black People are murdered in supermarkets
And by police and in churches
our humanity

I feel scared
need to cry
want to live not die

Where is the lullaby
the song the art the part the story the prayer
the Action
the Being
the Love
the Movement
that will protect us all

That will protect Sikhs
who seek to pray
that will protect Hondurans
on the way
who seek safety
that will protect those at the border

Not with law and order
rather with love and open borders
to our country world
and hearts

To protect Muslims
and LGBT
to protect you and me
and US.
Blanket us with love and trust
to heal the fear
that grips me and so many now

We need a WOW
World of Wonder in our hearts
to come together not apart
to bring all the colors of the rainbow
to a place
of Unity
to bring the war inside us
to a place that is peace safe and free

To stand up to fear and hate
to love stronger
far stronger than fear
to promote justice
stronger than ever before
to find our Roar
and Soar
in these violent times

And with the power of love
heal the crimes
within and without
until the walls come down
and freedom love justice peace and healing
is found

And we rebound
and sound the Shofar/Ram's horn
of justice and peace

And we release
and let go
and let God
not rod

Only Love and Unity
til all without exception
are safe loved joyous and free

You and me
you and me
you and me

We We We.

In memory of all those killed in violence and hate. May their memories be for a blessing to somehow make us stronger, more loving more empowered more respectful of life love liberation and justice. And in gratitude to the Divine and all my wonderful friends and family, to My Self and all who work for justice love and peace, and for everything and everyone, including all of Nature and Life.

Rabbi Shifra Freewoman/Shira Chaya Ahuvah LightBeing/Sister Rainbow/Susie Fielding