This is just a poem

To thank you for your seeing me
And for affirming me
For seeing how hard I work
To heal
And for the love and beauty and strength you continually reveal
For the way you revel in God in Godness
In beauty in empowerment love peace and light
I think you are outta sight
The Rabbi in me salutes hugs the Minister in you
I thank you for the love you emanate that will that is getting us through
These so white times
Thank you for helping us to heal the crimes
To be in the rhythm and rhyme
Right on time
For insisting we be the best we can
For being the Christ in thought word and deed
For helping me and us to truly succeed and be free
The fresh wind that blows love and justice and healing our way
This my pray
That love will always protect and guide you
That you will continue to ride the color storm
And be the wild loving man you are
Your star always shining and
 Guiding you us and others to our own light
You are so bright so outta sight
So alright and so am I and so are we
May you and we are always loved protected resurrected happy safe sustained healthy appreciated loved and free and free wild and free in Unity.
Blessed blessed blessed be.
Shifra Freewoman/Shira LightBeing Suzie Fielding The Rattlin’ Rabbi
January 13, 2019