Letter of Support and Solidarity with the Muslim Community of Christ Church New Zealand
From Unity in the City, Brookline, MA
I am writing on behalf of our community, Unity in the City, in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, expressing our great sorrow and horror over the massacre in your beloved mosques.  Please know that our hearts grieve over this hate, terrorism and violence.  You are not alone.  Millions of us worldwide stand in solidarity with you and the world Muslim community.  It is utterly heartbreaking to have this kind of violence in the place where you go to feel safe and connected to God/Allah and your community.  Allah grieves with you.  It deeply hurts the heart to see so many acts of white supremacy and Islamophobia.
We are a small community, affiliated with the Unity Movement, which is based on New Thought Christianity.  Our members belong to many faiths.  Our purpose is to honor all religions, and promote unity.  We aim to spread love, peace and understanding, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  In this spirit, we reach out to you, so far across the world, yet so very close to our hearts.
Recently, we in the United States have also witnessed many hateful acts, including numerous attacks on houses of worship, including a Sikh Temple, an Historic Black Church, and a Jewish synagogue, among many others.  Each massacre fills us with fear and sorrow.  
We are also all too aware of the terrible wars our government has waged in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the Middle East.  This massacre occurred in the context of these terrible ongoing wars.
One bright spot amidst this horror, were the words of a local Imam that he spoke at a peace rally for Jews murdered in a synagogue.  He said “We are all Jews today. I love Jews because I am a Muslim.  The Muslims of the world grieve with you. Don't hide, wear your kippot (skullcaps) and be proud of who you are.” All of us are Muslims today.  We love Muslims because of our faith.  Don't hide, be proud of being Muslim.
Whoever committed this terrible act wanted to spread fear and hate; however God /Allah can use even this act to unite us even more.  May we always feel this unity, and not need horrible acts, to remind us of our oneness. Our prayers are even for the perpetrators.  May they replace hate and fear with love and understanding.  We will keep taking constructive actions to end all forms of institutionalized and personal bigotry and hate.   Huemankind is one, creation is one, and God/Allah is one.  Your good fortune is our good fortune, and an attack on you is an attack, not only on Muslims, but on us all
Once again, please know you are not alone, you are not forgotten, and you are in our hearts and souls.  Please reach out to us if we can be of help in some way.
In love, sorrow and solidarity,
Unity in City
Brookline, MA.

Shifra Freewoman/Shira Chaya Ahuvah LightBeing/Sister Rainbow/Susie Fielding